Green Wise Consulting assists clients with their medical and adult-use cannabis businesses from planning and formation to operation and compliance.

Our team of experienced attorneys and consultants are thoroughly educated and experienced in the processes required to meet and comply with the ever-changing State and Federal requirements of the marijuana industry.

Green Wise Consulting provides a full range of legal, consulting and business development services to the cannabis industry and entrepreneurial investors.

Our keen understanding of the complex regulations and legal shifts involved with the marijuana industry enables us to help you establish a sustainable cannabis business. For companies already in the space, we are able to provide assistance to maintain compliance and expand operations.

We lay the groundwork, so
your business can thrive.

Cannabis Business Formation

We are positioned to advise clients on evaluating and assessing corporate structure and formation strategies. Drafting Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, Confidentiality Agreements; Joint Ventures Agreements; Partnership Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements; Bylaws, Operating and Management Service Agreements.

Cannabis Business
Development Opportunities

Our consultants provide beginning to end opportunity development for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, from the selection of favorable local jurisdictions and the acquisition of real estate to connecting entrepreneurs with investors and commencing operations.

Cannabis Applications
Local and State

Before your cannabis business may begin operation, you must obtain a license from the local authority within whose jurisdiction you intend to operate. Green Wise Consulting will act as a fearless advocate for companies in all stages of development.

Land Use & Zoning for
Cannabis Businesses

Green Wise Consulting advises clients on issues related to real estate and property development including: Site Location, Land Use and Development Applications, Development Agreements, Conditional Use Permits, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and lease negotiation and drafting.

98% success rate with over
75 applications submitted
across California.